LOHR maintenance contract

Drive, load up - we take care of the rest!

If you have just purchased a new LOHR body and trailer and want the guarantee of an optimum maintenance plan, LOHR offers a customised contract adapted to your needs throughout Europe

What is a LOHR maintenance contract?

  • Permanent management and monitoring of your fleet, taking into account your operational requirements
  • A service providing preventive maintenance of your vehicles to keep them in perfect working condition
  • Better management of contingencies and curative treatment
  • The guarantee of optimum operation for the entire duration of the contract.


LOHR maintenance is made for you!


Why opt for the LOHR maintenance contract?

  • A contract tailored to your needs according to your vehicle types, uses and routes.
  • Controlled downtime
  • Contract period adapted to your needs
  • Guaranteed top quality preventive maintenance (excluding tyres)
  • Coordinated resolution of breakdowns and malfunctions
  • The fairest rates
  • Traceability and vehicle monitoring taken care of for you
  • The possibility to carry out work in over one hundred network garages throughout Europe
  • A dedicated LOHR team to advise you.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Proactive coordination of appointments, taking into account your operational requirements
  • Scheduled operations as close as possible to your location (reduced mileage)
  • Maximum productivity and operation
  • Controlled, predictable maintenance costs with monthly payments smoothed over the year
  • Higher residual value of the vehicle under contract.

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