Our aim: your satisfaction

For over 45 years the Lohr group has continually adapted to the specific needs of its customers and to automotive logistic evolutions.

With a strong mind-set firmly directed towards innovation and constant customer feedback integration, the loading capacity, driver’s friendly use and safety, reliability of the products have never stopped progressing and found themselves into our current range of products such as Eurolohr, Performer, Maxilohr, among many other.

In addition the company Lohr Service has been set up in 1999 as a specific tool totally dedicated to customer assistance for the various group activities. Our job is to help all users of our products by technical support, spare parts supply, network workshop availability and in general terms propose practical solutions in order to optimise global life cost of our vehicles.

You will find below a detailed description of the services we have to offer.

  • registered training entity,
  • totally dedicated Lohr service technician trainers,
  • various languages proposed,
  • interactive detailed programs on repair and maintenance of the various types of vehicles,
  • practical work on training vehicle,
  • programs can be adjusted to your particular needs,
  • possibility to train on your sites and vehicles.
  • skilled multilingual engineers,
  • constant breakdown assistance,
  • valuation and assessment of vehicles,
  • on site work.
  • a professional team at your service,
  • internet ordering,
  • over 7 000 references being managed,
  • stocks in our subsidiaries in the UK, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine as well as in the whole agent network,
  • international delivery in optimised lead-times,
  • stock management consulting
  • routine maintenance and preventive valuations,
  • taylor made maintenance contracts from standard to full service on trucks and trailers,
  • upgrading or modifications on vehicles supported by our engineering department,
  • localised or complete overhauls,
  • international agent and service partner network.

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