Quality Policy

The LOHR Group’s commitment for the quality of our products and services is one of our company priorities. Aiming Quality Excellence, this commitment contributes directly to our customers’ satisfaction as well as our performance in order to guarantee the sustainability of the company.
All through our process, we place our customers at the center stage of our actions and decisions. This is the reason we want to listen to them and meet their expectations by offering the products and services best suited to their requirements.

This policy is supported by a robust quality management system, which we are continuously improving, based in effective processes and tools, in compliance with ISO 9001 norms. We deploy this policy throughout the LOHR Group and express our guiding principles into operational objectives in terms of Quality, Delay, Innovation as well as Profitability in all our organizations.

We empower and train our teams to manage their priorities, implementing a continuous improvement approach, in order to maximize the added value for our customers.

The management is engaged to respect the regulations, our conformity obligations and rolled out all the necessary tools and resources to achieve our objectives, in coherence with the LOHR Group’s strategy and vision.

François LHOMME – CEO

Grégory BÉRARD – Quality and Supplier Management Director



  • By the appropriation of a process approach by all
  • By deploying training for all
  • Through the implementation of rituals and audits
  • By positioning everyone at the service of our customers and the business


  • Increase our customers’ satisfaction
  • Involve and engage all employees
  • Always be concerned about “getting it right at the first time”
  • Have a systematic risk management
  • Test our products to ensure their robustness
  • Measure for continuous improvement
  • Strengthen efficiency and enhance performance

 « Quality is not an ACT, it is a HABIT »