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Newsletter April 2017

Price reduction / LOHR hydraulic filter parts


Dear Sir/Madam,

In this LOHR Service April 2017 Newsletter we would like to assure you that we consider the safety and smooth running of your trailers to be extremely important.

We feel that hydraulic filter parts have a crucial part to play in this. This means it is vital to carry out the relating checks at the correct time and to replace the hydraulic filter cartridges if necessary in order to avoid problems associated with pollution in the circuits.

Maintenance regulations and frequencies are listed in the booklet entitled Preventive Maintenance of vehicle transport equipment supplied with each unit.

We are offering a discounted selection of hydraulic filter parts to help you with this task. Naturally these are manufacturer’s parts, guaranteeing their quality.

Please feel free to contact our technical and sales team if you need any further information.


Best wishes
Norbert Eckert | Tecnical Manager LOHR Service
Office : +33 (0)3 88 38 99 82
norbert.eckert@lohr.fr | http://www.lohrservice.com/



Hydraulic filter parts

REF: A07091315

Cartouche filtre 5μm
Filter cartridge 5μm,
Filterkartusche 5μm

Prix HT : 34,50 €*
Price, Preis

Cat. pièce : C
Cat., Kat.

REF: 000000050668

Cartouche filtre pression 10μm
Filter cartridge 10μm,
Filterkartusche 10μm

Prix HT : 32,50 €*
Price, Preis

Cat. pièce : C
Cat., Kat.

REF: A07091383

Filtre hydraulique HP 350B 10μm
Hydraulic filter 350B 10μm,
Hydraulik filter 350B 10μm

Prix HT : 119,95 €*
Price, Preis

Cat. pièce : C
Cat., Kat.

* exworks 67
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